Free Beautiful Wedding Invitation Templates (2021)

When you start planning your wedding, one of the first thing you’d want to do is send out invitations. With one of free wedding invitation templates below you can do this in a jiffy. We have downloadable templates in Microsoft Word and PDF.

If you’re looking to save money on your wedding then one of them may come in handy! And they’re stylish to boot!

What should be in a wedding invitation?

A wedding invitation should have all the information that your guests need to not only come to your wedding, but also to know what to expect.

This means it should include:

  • The names of the hosts
    The hosts are typically the people who pay for the wedding. Usually you’ll see a line with the names of the hosts followed by something like “Invite You to Celebrate the Marriage of,”
  • You and your partners names
  • Date and time of the ceremony
  • Location of the ceremony and the reception
    Note that this could be different locations so make it very clear to avoid confusion
  • Dress code
    This may not be needed anymore in 2021, but if it is – make sure it’s included. If you want that black tie wedding it would be a shame if you have people showing up in casual attire.
  • RSVP details
    You may want to include an RSVP card if you’re still going the paper invitation way. Make sure that people, who are not familiar with RSVP etiquette, know when to reply.
  • Other details such as event details (think parking / overnight information), return address, your wedding website’s address etc.

You’ll see that the templates below usually cover these details.

When should I send our wedding invitations?

In general you should send wedding invites out six to eight weeks in advance (according to, but there are many exceptions to this rule of thumb.

If you have international guests, then it makes sense to give them more advanced notice. If this means you don’t have a paper invite ready yet, don’t worry about that. Give them a call and ask them to put the date on the calendar – even if it’s months in advance. They may want to make travel arrangements and book time off after all.

You may also have people on your list with extremely busy schedules or who have weekend obligations (news broadcasters / ER nurses etc). Although most people can reschedule things on 6 weeks notice, that may not be the case for everyone. If it’ll make you happy that they’re there – go the extra mile and give them an earlier heads-up.

What does RSVP in a wedding invitation mean?

RSVP is a French abbreviation that indicates that the sender would like to receive a response. Written out completely it is “répondez s’il vous plaît”.

The RSVP request should always be included in your wedding invite and you should expect people to reply latest 3-4 weeks before the wedding date. If people don’t respond to the RSVP request then wait a week or so after the RSVP date expires and call them. It’s not uncommon for people to forget.

Sometimes people forget to write their names on the RSVP card. A neat trick to still find out who’s RSVP card it is, is by writing the guest’s name in invisible ink before sending it. That way you’ll at least know the guest’s name (even if you don’t know who he/she brings).

If you have people RSVP online then this can save you a lot of time. Requesting an online response to an RSVP is more and more accepted in 2021.

What should a wedding invitation look like?

If you’re doing a paper wedding invite, then it will typically come in a standard envelope. Below are some of the most common wedding invitation sizes.

Wedding invitation sizes infographic.
Wedding invitation sizes most commonly used

The classic sizes above are all good ideas in terms of size.

In terms of paper quality and color it never hurts to go with the classics. Make sure the paper has a classic look and feel to it. It should not be too thin and not be too “yellow”. A little thicker than classic “office paper” is definitely recommended. Note that if you’re home printing then you may not be able to print on thick paper – so check your printer.

Other tips for the look of your wedding invitations are:

  • Choose the right font
    The font should be readable and pleasant looking.
  • Limit the font sizes and styles
    Don’t use too many different font sizes, italics, bold and all-caps unless it helps on the invite;
  • Keep the layout easy on the eye
  • Test print the invites until they feel easy-to-read, but still feel stylish and classy. Then ask for a fresh set of eyes to look at them.

Classic Wedding Invitation Templates

How much should I pay for wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations can be pricey if you send them via a service. Typically you can expect to spend around 500-700USD for an average sized wedding.

The price depends on:

  • How many guests you invite to your wedding
  • What kind of paper type you use
    E.g. Cotton fiber will be (almost) twice as expensive as Linen
  • What kind of design you use
    You can expect a higher price when you include colors, photography, calligraphy or other design elements
  • Envelope and stamp pricing
    You may want to use a custom envelope or even a custom stamp. The price will obviously be higher then. But don’t forget you need an envelope and a stamp before you negotiate pricing and try to get them included.

Stylish Wedding Invitation Templates

How do I make wedding invitations myself?

With the free wedding invitation templates on this post you can easily make your own wedding invites. All you need is a computer and a little bit of time.

After you customize the templates to your wishes, you can then decide if you also want to print them yourself or whether you want to outsource the printing. In case you don’t have a printer that can print the quality that you desire or can not print on the paper type that you require, then it makes sense to outsource the printing.

Nonetheless you can always run some test prints at home first to get the basic design fully to your wishes. Then you bring the design (and the guest list) to your print shop for printing. We would always recommend to get a test print first if possible and try to source locally as much as possible. For these kinds of things you want to have a short line of communication.

Colorful Wedding Invitation Templates

Should I use online wedding invites?

A last thing we’d like to mention is online wedding invitations. In 2021 this IS acceptable for many couples and guests. Not only will you make space in your budget for the rest of your wedding, but a lot of people actually find it more pleasant nowadays!

A good choice for online wedding invites is (not affiliated with us in any way). At that site you can actually combine online with paper invites and they can also track RSVPs for you. The online cards are based on designs from actual cards and done by top-notch designers.

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