Free RSVP Templates (Word, PDF)

If you’re looking for downloadable RSVP templates then you’ve come to the right place. Use one of our free RSVP templates below to send out your RSVP requests.

What is an RSVP?

An RSVP is a request for someone to respond to an invitation. This can be a wedding invitation or an invitation to another party, such as a birthday party or an opening celebration. This helps the people, who organize the event, plan for the right amount of people.

Literally it means “respond please” as it comes from the French “Répondez s’il vous plaît“, but it’s so commonly used that people often forget this. You would almost think that RSVP is an English verb as you can hear it used in sentences like “Can you please RSVP?” and “I’ve already RSVP’d!”.

What should I mention in an RSVP?

If you’re sending RSVPs then you should include the relevant data that people need to know to make an informed decision on their presence. And you’d also need to make sure you get the right information back from them.

Therefore you should include at least the following in an RSVP:

  • the guest name(s)
    You’ll also often see a blank space instead, so the guest can enter his/her/their name(s)
  • due date for the reply
  • will attend / will not attend
  • choice of entree (in case this is an event that features served meals)

The above are the formal versions of what you should include in your RSVP cards. You can of course phrase them as you like. If you (or the event) are more casual by nature, then you may have some fun with the terms as well of course.

RSVP templates for Wedding Invitations

What does the M stand for in the RSVP card?

On RSVP cards for wedding invites (or other invites that allow you to specify your own guests), you’ll often find a blank line that starts with an M.

This is the area where you will typically fill in the name of the guest(s) that are responding. So that’s you.

The M indicates the first letter of the honorific that precedes the name(s) of the party attending. Since all of the forms of address start with an M, this explains why the M is there.

When you’re filling out an RSVP you’ll then add the rest of the line. Therefore it will look something like:

  • Mrs and Mr Jones
  • Ms Jackson
  • Mr Henderson

Free Colorful RSVP templates

When should I expect an answer on an RSVP?

You should expect your guests to stick to RSVP due date in most of the cases. The more formal or grand your event is, the more you can expect people to respond in a timely fashion.

A general rule of thumb is that you should start calling people if they didn’t reply to the RSVP after the due date has passed one week ago. That way there’s plenty of time for mail issues to get sorted. You won’t come across as pushy if you check after that time.

When following up on an RSVP it is important to remember that you’re celebrating something and that’s usually a joyous event. The follow up call should therefore also be a one you’re happy to make and not one that feels like getting a call from a debt collector.

Stylish RSVP templates in Word and Powerpoint

What is good RSVP etiquette in 2021?

Etiquette is of all times in two ways. One – social norms and behaviors have been something that’s (supposed to be) instilled by your parents. They way you are raised so to say. Two – etiquette is also very much cultural open to cultural change.

In the last 50 years we’ve been going through a technological revolution and the last 10 years this has accelerated a lot. We now use electronic devices for everything and this ALSO affects etiquette – and by extension, RSVP etiquette.

While in the past it was standard to send an RSVP card back to acknowledge that were (or were not) coming, today an email can suffice. Or for some people even a text message or a WhatsApp.

Mind you that this may be OK to you, but not to the one you’re sending it to!

A good rule for 2021 is to use the same medium to respond to the RSVP as with which is was sent. So if you’re getting an online RSVP request – then you can RSVP online. But if you’re getting a RSVP card in the mail – use it! Sure, you may not have stamps lying around, but walking to the post office so that you can properly go to a party is the least you can do!

Other than how to reply to the RSVP in 2021, there’s not much that has chanced. You should still (and also in the future) respond on time. You should still mention who is coming and who you’re bringing. And you should still select your entree if the choice is offered.

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