Free Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Templates

In this article we’ll list some beautiful free rehearsal dinner invitation templates so you can send out a stylish invitation quickly and easily. We’ve got mostly Microsoft Word templates for download, but also some cool Powerpoint templates if you prefer that format.

What is the purpose of a rehearsal dinner?

A rehearsal dinner is a wedding tradition that’s typically only found in the US. It’s a ceremony that takes place the night before the wedding and after the wedding rehearsal.

The purpose is for the relatives and friends of the bride and groom to meet, relax and generally just have a good time. Although you also have a good time at the wedding, the rehearsal dinner is a much smaller occasion and more intimate. Another purpose is for the couple to thank everyone who has been helping with preparations for the wedding.

You won’t typically find a rehearsal dinner outside the US so if you’re European / Asian or from another continent – it’s normal for you to not know what it is.

Who do you invite to a rehearsal dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is a smaller festive activity than the wedding. You’ll generally find all the people from the wedding rehearsal at the rehearsal dinner as well.

Typically you’ll invite:

  • immediate families of the bride and groom
  • the bridal party
  • the ceremony readers
  • your officiant

If you have a flower girl and/or ring bearer, then make sure to also include the parent(s). And you should not forget to give people to option to have their spouse(s) present of course.

Optionally you’ll invite other people as well. For example you may also want to give people the option to bring a plus-one, but that would depend on your personal preference and budget. You could also decide to invite both of your extended families (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc). The rehearsal dinner is a nice occasion for those people to get to you know each other.

Who pays for a rehearsal dinner?

Tradition dictates that the groom’s family will pay for the rehearsal dinner ( This will include food and drinks, but also the costs of the venue, the entertainment and transportation.

The groom’s family will typically be very happy to do this, because this also is a great opportunity from them to be part of the wedding and add a little bit of their own touch to the wedding festivities. They can choose the venue, food and entertainment and make it theirs – so to say.

Even all this is the tradition – lately (this is written in 2021) you’ll see more and more couples take care of the bill themselves. Sometimes because they want to do the rehearsal dinner in the place that they go to a lot (or even had their first date!) or just because they want it to be really according to their taste.

How much does a rehearsal dinner cost?

A good estimate (if you’re budgeting a wedding) for the cost of a rehearsal dinner is around 1200USD.

If you look at the previous paragraph, then you’ll notice that a lot will depend on the guest list for the rehearsal dinner. The more people you invite – the higher the cost.

Also, the venue will play a huge role in the amount you’ll spend. If you want to go really formal and more “sit-down / silver tableware” then you’ll spend more than when you do it in that cute Mexican taco place where you first met.

Our advice is to really go with your heart on this one. Make sure this is an occasion where you can spend quality time and be relaxed. Getting to know each other and spending quality time in a relaxed setting is key and that doesn’t need to cost much.

Microsoft Word Templates

Below are some free downloadable templates in Microsoft Word that we think you’ll like to use for the rehearsal dinner invitations.

More Word Templates

Microsoft Powerpoint Templates

This is a list of free powerpoint rehearsal dinner invitation templates.

Other Free Templates

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