Free Daily Planner Templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Nowadays many of us have a very busy lifestyle. So many things fight for our attention and there are always tasks to do, meetings to go to and schedules to keep track of.

Even for people who are not doing a regular job, there are usually many things to do and time can fly. A daily planner can really help you stay grounded and not get overwhelmed.

That’s where our daily planner templates come in. Download them for free below!

What is a Daily Planner

A daily planner is a tool to help you plan the goals, events and tasks of your day.

For most people this looks like a to-do list, but in reality it’s often more than that. After all, a day is about a lot more than just simply checking off tasks and completing actions. A good daily planner will make sure that you stay focused on all the things you’d like to achieve in a day.

A good daily planner has the following sections:

  • actions to do: these are all the tasks you want to complete today. In case you can’t take care of them you’ll usually move them to the daily planner for tomorrow (or another day).
  • goals for today: these are your personal goals, that could be more “spiritual” in nature. Examples would: “stay grounded”, “be mindful” or “keep moving”.
  • appointments: a list of meetings that you should not forget to attend for the day.

Furthermore some daily planners also have an additional “notes” section or other section. You’ll typically find that in a household, where it’s used a message sharing platform.

Best Daily Planner Templates (Microsoft Word)

Why should I keep a daily plan?

Even though John Lennon said “life is what happens, when you’re busy making plans” (or was it Allen Saunders?), most people feel that they’re not able to relax without having some kind of plan. The stress of forgetting about actions or missing deadlines is simply too much.

The top three reasons to keep a daily plan are:

  1. Keep track of actions
    You’ll find that keeping a to-do list as part of a daily plan is the most important reason for most people. This way you can get things done and make sure you stay on top of tasks. Not only do you get to do them, but you’ll also have a record that you DID them.
  2. Stay focused on important goals
    By listing your goals on a daily plan, you ensure that you stay focused on them. The goals could be short term goals (drink more water), long term goals (excercise!) or even life goals (be mindful / connected with the family). Your daily planner is a good place to list those goals so you’ll see them every time you walk past it.
  3. Keep appointments
    Not missing meetings is another good reason to have a daily planner. Even with all our electronic tools of today you’ll find that it works great to have a list of meetings for that day in front of you. It helps you visualize the day and estimate your time between scheduled appointments.

There may of course be other reasons for you to keep a daily plan. Or maybe you call it differently or sweep all the reasons under one big category “stress reduction”.

What is the best way to use a Daily Planner?

The best way to keep a daily plan is to do it consistently. If you keep track of your days in the same way every day then it will help you a lot in reducing stress, completing actions and staying focused.

How you do this is different for everyone. We find that using a printable daily planner is still the best approach. For most people it’s simply not possible to get a good overview of all actions, meetings and goals for the day on a small phone screen.

Using a printable planner also lets you put it in the same place, where it reminds you and where it also helps others in case it’s a shared planner (such as in a household).

A good place to hang the daily planner for families is in the kitchen. If you use it in the office then next to your phone desk (if you still have one) or your screen is a good place. These locations make sure that you see them immediately when you start your day, throughout the day and usually also when you finish your day. That gets you free reminders!

So in short – use a printout, select the right place and put it in that same place.

Daily Task Trackers

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Daily Planner Templates (Excel)

Daily Planner Templates (PowerPoint)

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