30 Free Eviction Notice Templates

If you’re evicting a tenant, then it’s good to do so properly and use one of our eviction notice templates to start with. Our downloadable templates are all for Microsoft Word.

Why use an eviction notice template?

An eviction is a stressful affair for both tenant as well as the landlord. The latter is often forgotten, but there are few landlords that don’t get stressed out over a having to do an eviction.

Even if it’s a “business” transaction to rent places to tenants, in the end you’re still dealing with people. And putting those people on the street is never easy and therefore will take a toll on most landlords.

In such a situation of high-stress it’s important to stay rational and make sure you take the right steps. A proper eviction notice is one of the steps that are important in the process and therefore we have listed some of the best eviction notice samples we could find below.

The most important reason to use one of the eviction notice templates is to make sure you cover all basis:

  • what is the reason for the eviction
  • when is the person being evicted
  • what are the remaining and ongoing obligations for the tenant
  • what is the process during the final hand-over of the rented place

These are all typical things you’ll find in our templates. This will help you to not forget important details when you start your eviction and hopefully reduce some of the stress by having a plan.

Eviction Notice Templates (Word)

Eviction Notice Letters (Word)

Eviction Notice Sample Letters (Word)

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